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I've been drawing & painting since my very early years often inspired by the natural New England setting where I was raised as well as early American Art, and the old farmhouse in which  I grew-up . Older iconic symbols & images are also an interest, incorporated in my work. A clean line, pure color, and breaking down the natural geometric symmetry of my subject is my objective. I'm a women artist that has tried to navigate my life autocratically, in pursuit of my own vision. My work is in a number of private collections through-out New England, and the U.S.  I aspire to show my work in as wide a range of venues as possible, as I create with a Universal vision in mind.


I started painting on gourds sometime in the ninety's. I was fascinated by their rounded shapes...and porous texture. It is due to the gourds womb-like shape, and abundance of seeds that from very early times they often served as a symbol of "The Ancient Earth Mother" as well as dippers, bowls, & various vessels. Painting them over time I've developed a technique, using different primers, varnishes, & paint, to create pieces that have a very unique ambiance to each one.  I deliberately base the design on the gourd itself, using its natural shape, texture, sometimes tendrils to dictate the design innately within its own individual form.

Art Work by Ms. Carter

Through ancient history, Gourds have served as vessels, bowls, containers for innumerable necessities of humankind . . . grains, gun powder, liquids. The gourd has also, in a number of cultures, symbolized the earliest form of idolatry: the ancient Earth Mother.

Its rounded form in various shapes, and womb like interior with an abundance of seeds, made the gourd the perfect representation of the matriarchal godhead.

The dominance of patriarchal societies in the past dozen centuries has given over to a less nurturing world ruled by fear and aggression rather than support and compassion. My designs, fused within the various individual shapes and forms of these timeless, ancient vessels, serve as a vision not of a more dominant matriarchal culture but of a more egalitarian world.

The intent of these pieces is to inspire a resurgence of a strong matriarchal culture that, in turn, will bring balance and help to shape a desperately needed, functionally egalitarian society.

The gourds have been prepared with a series of primers and varnish. Each piece is made to last for generations as a family heirloom. All of them are signed and dated.