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I started drawing early, as soon as I could pick up a pencil. I drew on "everything"! My folks had the presence of mind to start sitting me at a desk almost daily with a stack of paper, which I'd quickly fill up with my early "doodles".

I attended The Art Institute of Boston for a year in 68/69 before the art & political movement of that era took me. I traveled, free-lanced, and courted adventure for the next decade before returning to my New England roots.

Settling in Brattleboro Vermont I resumed my involvement with theatre, dance, writing, as well as drawing & painting. Child mentoring & landscaping were often my main sources of income.

I prefer using natural subjects… landscapes… still life's… and people caught in the act of "the everyday". Growing up rich in Yankee & my own family's New England history I honor my past using traditional & timeless methods of composition. Complimentary colors are often used for depth perception, a clean geometric line to emulate a more Early American Style.

My work is contemporary, but with the resonance of a more pure, and simple time in history.

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